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Verma Jewelry Group is a jewelry company based in Atlanta that works directly with private sellers. We specialize in the appraisal of diamonds, luxury watches, and fine jewelry. Read our blog to learn more about privately buying and selling jewelry.

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Rare Cartier Brooch – SOLD

Cartier Jewelry Diamond Brooch

  Recently we had the pleasure of selling a rare vintage, custom designed Cartier Jewelry Brooch, We were sad to see it leave and thrilled to see it go to a new home. The bracelet was originally purchased in our New York City office about 2 years ago. We had[…]

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Why we love old Cartier jewelry

estate jewelry

  It all comes down to value. Years of buying and selling have passed, we have come across many brands and items that always when compared to the original retail bring certain premiums. One of our favorite brands to purchase is Cartier. The second hand market for Cartier jewelry comparative[…]

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Cartier Tank Watch Fun Facts

Cartier Jewelry Cartier Tank Watch

History of the Cartier Tank Watch 2017 marks the Cartier Tank Watch’s 100th Birthday! Louis Cartier designed the prototype in 1917 and the first Tank watch went on sale in 1919. This marked the year the U.S. entered WWI and the year the war ended. The watch design was military[…]

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Selling Designer and Diamond Jewelry

conflict free diamonds

The Verma Group answers hundreds of calls every day about designer diamond jewelry. Whether the question is about a Tiffany set diamond engagement ring or a Harry Winston diamond necklace, we try to answer all questions on the spot. One of the big pro’s of owning designer jewelry is that[…]

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