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Founded three generations ago, the Verma Jewelry Group created a vision of a high-end jeweler catering to clients who prefer to sell their fine jewelry, diamonds and fine watches in a private manner and for proper market value. With over 26 offices worldwide we have created strong relationships with international collectors, retailers, auction houses, investment groups and watch buyers. This large web of relationships allows us to spend an exceptionally higher amount as jewelers for your fine jewelry, diamonds, and watches. With the majority of business where we sell jewelry coming from referrals, we value all our clients and as a jewelry buyer treat each piece with the same importance as the next.

Our mission is to be the clear cut #1 buyer of fine jewelry, diamonds and fine watches worldwide. Our impressive resume boasts GIA Alumni, some of the foremost fine watch experts in the world, 3rd generation jewelers, and expert horologists. Our high standards and qualifications are to ensure the highest levels of service and accuracy when dealing with domestic and international clients. The competitive marketplace of Diamond Jewelry & Fine Watches can be quite confusing, so we have taken it upon ourselves to adopt a very strict grading and pricing policy. This has been the foundation of our success here at THE VERMA GROUP for three generations.

About Verma Jewelry Group, Atlanta’s Top Jeweler

A jeweler must possess equal parts experience and knowledge when it comes to fine jewelry. Our high-end jeweler can share this complex information with you. Whether you are working with our jewelry buyers or our exclusive diamond buyers, you can be sure that you are working with a professional. Verma Jewelry is an exclusive buyer of jewelry who can offer clients the opportunity to sell fine jewelry in a professional and qualified setting in downtown Atlanta. Selling diamonds does not have to be a challenging process and finding an educated diamond buyer shouldn’t require months of work.

Buyers of Fine Jewelry, Diamonds and Watches

Figuring out how to sell jewelry shouldn’t require an advanced degree in where to sell jewelry although deciding on high-end jewelers to work with your valuables can result in an experience selling diamond jewelry where all your questions and concerns are handled with ease. It shouldn’t be required of a jewelry owner to say, “sell my jewelry” at the nearest public store where privacy is usually not observed. Likewise, selling your diamonds with a jewelry store that lacks the experience necessary to properly grade and identify your jewelry can be a difficult experience.

Placing your trust in Verma Jewelry to buy diamonds with the care and trust offered by a multi-generational business is the best way to sell diamond bracelets or sell a diamond ring. It shouldn’t be a difficult process to say, “I want to sell my diamonds” — especially when the process undertaken is professional, private and confidential.


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