Diamond Facts

Fun Diamond Facts

  • The largest rough diamond in the world is the CULLINAN diamond which weighs in at a whopping 3,106.75 carats.
  • The largest polished and finished diamond in the world is the Golden Jubilee Diamond, which weighs 545.67 carats.
  • Diamonds come in all colors, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Green, Clear, and More.
  • The hardest natural substance in the world is…. that’s right, a diamond.
  • The largest diamond discovered in the US was named the Uncle Sam Diamond.
  • There is no such thing as a new diamond. Why? Because diamonds take millions of years to form, and the oldest is BILLIONS of years old!
  • It is estimated that 65-70% of diamonds originate from South Africa.

Diamond Sizes and Colors

  • Diamond cutters only use other diamonds to shape and facet the diamonds in jewelry
  • You can shatter a diamond by hitting it hard enough with a hammer
  • Large size diamonds are great for investment purposes
  • If you heat a diamond to 1045 F it will vanish without any ash or trace.
  • Recently synthetic diamonds have been used in fine jewelry due to the high cost of diamonds worldwide.
  • The only difference from a pencil’s lead and the diamond you wish to sell is the pounds of pressure applied to create the jewel.

Diamond Information

A wealth of diamond information exists for anyone who would like to know more diamond facts about this fascinating and valuable type of gemstone. Facts about diamonds range from details on the largest diamond ever to the biggest diamond in the world today. Diamond facts may also include particulars on the colors of diamonds and methods for creating colors of diamonds through various geological means. While figuring out what was the largest diamond in the world can certainly be a fun fact to discover, so too can information on colored diamonds and how diamond colors can impact the value of a gem. As there are some quite significant differences between the value of precious stones like color diamond that are rare like blue diamonds or more common white diamonds, real diamond facts can help you figure out if your jewelry might warrant the assistance of an appraiser. Amazingly, diamonds colors range from pink to blue to orange to green and beyond and each type of stone offers different types of beauty.

Getting a diamond education through a list of diamond fun facts might not seem possible, but some fun diamond facts actually offer quite scientific observations regarding diamond information. Facts about diamonds often simply share things like estimations on the largest diamond in the world today or the largest diamond ever recorded in history, but giant diamonds and diamond color aren’t the only interesting diamond facts to be shared. For example, the largest diamond in the world currently was mined by the De Beers company in South Africa and with a value of $100 million dollars is considered colorless. There are very few no- color diamonds. Of course, learning about the largest diamond world facts is fun whether or not the information is personally useful to a diamond owner. Created from our downtown Atlanta location, visitors to Verma Jewelry’s blog can use diamond facts learned to figure out the best way to sell fine jewelry and diamonds in Buckhead, Atlanta.

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