BitCoin for Jewelry or Vice-A-Versa

Bitcoin started trading on the Cboe in Chicago on the same day as our website started accepting crypto currency as a payment form for jewelry. The currency continues to grow in the media and usage is steadily increasing. We always recommend investors to be careful and responsible when investing. Several clients have asked us to pay for jewelry in Bitcoin or Etherium and we were not able to do so, until today! We are proud to offer this as a payment option when buying jewelry in addition to traditional methods such check or wire transfer.

Now Accepting Bitcoin on our Estate Site.

Its amazing to add this new payment form to our site and to hear about how many other vendors are able to accept payment. We were excited to find the Atlanta based processing company (BitPay ) to help us with project. We believe more and more that as this currency become widely used and more retailers will start to accept this form of payment. We are proud to be the first jewelry company that allows either the selling or purchasing of jewelry via bitcoin.