Our Antique Collection

We are proud after years and years of collecting fine antique and vintage jewelry pieces to exhibit our collection. Our new site that features our entire inventory of all true period pieces from the 1800s to 1950s. When we started collecting years ago, we didn’t realize the collection would get to where it is today. Close to 800 items that we carefully curated to present to the public for sale. www.vermaestatejewelry.com

When we acquire a piece of jewelry we love to hear the story that was associated with the item, where it was bought and how many hands it passed through before it landed on our table. Provenance is essential to the ring and adds a new dimension of character that can not be measured by color, cut or clarity. The story is always unique just like the journey all individuals have in their lives. Lots of great articles available at our estate departments blog.

Jewelry viewing appointments available at  our offices in New York and Atlanta . Stay tuned for more listings and updates as the website will constantly have updates with new items and current inventory being entered into the site and our vintage insta! Estate Jewelry Instagram