Engagement Ring Settings – 14K vs 18K vs PLATINUM

Hello Jewelry World!

Today I am writing about the differences in engagement ring settings. There are many different preferences when it comes to what type of metal a consumer would want when purchasing an engagement ring setting.

I will go through 14k, 18k, and platinum – because these are the 3 most popular.

14K Gold – This is a popular choice, and for good reason. 14K Gold is stronger than 18K gold, so your precious diamond is safe in its setting and is less likely to become loose or even fall out. Another great feature about 14k gold settings is that in white or yellow gold the color will look more rich and wont wear as sometimes happens with 18k white gold.

18K Gold – This is popular because of the stigma that an engagement ring should be 18K. Personally I believe that 18k is the worst option to go with because it is too soft to hold the diamond within the prongs. Countless numbers of clients have come into the Verma Group offices complaining about how the jewelry store that sold them the original ring told them 18k was the way to go, and they lost their diamond after a few years of wear !

Platinum – This is a great way to set your diamond because it is strong, and has a distinct finish. The only problem with a platinum band is that we find they get chipped at and marked easily after long wear and tear. This of course can be fixed with a nice buff and polish.

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