Engagement Ring Diamonds – Selling & Buying

As a recent buyer of an engagement ring, I will be able to tell you all first hand it is not an easy process. There are so many different factors which go into what type of diamond you want. My first suggestion for purchasing a diamond would be to figure out what type of shape you want to go with. The more popular styles are Round and Princess. There are other shapes which are in style, but you have to ask yourself if you want to own a fancy shape diamond when it is out of style. The marquise diamond was very popular in the 70’s and the 80’s but now is not really popular amongst consumers. This drop in popularity also causes the prices of those stones to depreciate or drop low. So when you are looking to sell a diamond and maybe upgrade the diamond buyer will not be able to offer you as much for the marquise as he would for a classic timeless diamond shape such as the round brilliant diamond.

The next step after you have decided on the shape of your diamond, would be balancing in your budget the color, carat, and clarity. Like most of us, I was on a budget and decided that the color and clarity were more important than the size. This is because a fine diamond with high color and clarity will be worth more in the future. So for a smart investor, when my wife and I are able to upgrade the diamond we can sell them to a diamond buyer in the atlanta area for a larger amount.

I will have more details on diamond buying soon! Check out the Verma Group Jewelers for any questions on purchasing or selling a diamond in the atlanta buckhead area.