Are you considering selling your Diamond?

Diamonds have been cut for hundreds of years now. There are said to be over 200 different styles and cuts of diamonds which offer different brilliance and sparkles under the light. A few of the different style of cuts are round, princess, cushion, asscher, heart, oval, marquise, old miner, old European. As fine jewelry and diamond buyers, the Verma Group is well accustomed to appraising all different sizes, shapes, colors, and clarity of diamonds. The different cuts do have their pros and cons, and some shapes are even more likely to increase in value over time versus a lesser popular cut. When considering to buy or sell a diamond you must weigh all the factors and diamond cutting is definitely one of them. On many certificates or appraisals for diamonds, you will see cutting grades such as Excellent, Good, and Very Good. On the GIA certificate, these evaluations are noted right on the main page of the certification. Diamond cut is yet another intricate factor which determines the value of your diamond! If you wish to sell your diamond engagement ring, diamond jewelry, come into our location in Buckhead, Atlanta today!