Do I or Don’t I: Selling Inherited Jewelry

inherited jewelry

Inherited Jewelry

Inheriting a piece of jewelry can be a huge blessing. It speaks volumes about your relationship with your loved one. They valued your relationship so much that they wanted you to have one of their prized or expensive possessions. However, it can also be a curse. Sometimes jewelry can be inherited because there are no other close family members. Maybe they gave it to you to make a statement about a relationship gone wrong or for a variety of other interesting reasons. It can strengthen family bonds and tear others down. Inherited jewelry can be a blessing and it can be a curse.

The emotional ties to a family member’s jewelry and the intricacies of familial relationships are complex. The blessing you think that would come from inheriting a beautiful piece of jewelry can in fact be a burden. In this article, we’ll walk through reasons why it is ok to let go of jewelry that is inherited, especially if it is jewelry that you don’t like!


inherited jewelry Should I Just Keep It

So, you’ve just received jewelry from a loved one who’s passed on, and you really don’t like it or don’t want to keep it. First things first, you should know that it is ok to feel this way. Before you make a rash decision, let’s talk about the piece you inherited and why, and how that will impact your actions.

• Is it an heirloom piece that is intentionally passed down? This might be an engagement ring, a necklace, brooch or some item that has been passed down between family members through generations. Is it an item that your family members have attached great value to, and expect to see you wear frequently? If so, this is not an item you should sell, at least without having a conversation with other family members. Perhaps you could gift it to them. Or explain you’d rather sell the piece and use the money toward a new item that can be passed down.

If this is the case, you’ll definitely want to seek the help of an expert estate jewelry buyer. If you’re in the Atlanta area, see an expert jewelry buyer at Verma Jewelry. They can help you not only sell your inherited jewelry but find something that you like even better!

• Do you have emotional attachment to it? If your loved one had a large collection of jewelry and gave you a piece you’ve never seen before would you feel guilt over selling it? Likely, you wouldn’t. You might prefer the money or to buy another piece of jewelry with the money. That new piece can have just as much sentimental value. Jewelers who sell estate jewelry can even help you find another vintage piece, so you can start your own tradition!

• How do you feel about the item? If you don’t love the piece of inherited jewelry but would like to hold on to it as a memento or memory of your loved one, do you think that there is value in that? Would it sit collecting dust in your jewelry case, or is there a better place it could be used? Many times, jewelry can be repurposed. The necklace you dislike could become a beautiful bracelet or ring with the help of a talented jeweler. Ultimately, there is no value (sentimental or monetarily) in keeping inherited jewelry if it is not going to be put to use.

Regardless of the reasons, if you ultimately feel that you cannot find a reason to keep a piece of jewelry that was given to you, or the money from its sale could be better spent on helping with bills, a vacation or some other expense, do not feel bad. A gift comes without strings; what you ultimately choose to do with your gift is up to you. Your loved ones may not initially understand your decision, but it is not their business. Your loved one that gave you the item certainly was aware that you could do whatever you wanted with this piece, and still decided that you were the best person to receive it.

It is easy for family and friends to make you feel guilty about your decision to sell the piece of inherited jewelry. However, that often comes from jealousy or misplaced feelings of grief. You need only worry about yourself. Think of it as a closet clean out, a fresh start and a way to honor your loved one on your own terms.


inherited jewelry

How do I sell it?

Once you’ve have come to the decision that it is time to sell, where do you even bring a piece of gifted jewelry? How do you know how much it is worth?
First, stay away from do-it-yourself sites, like Craigslist or Ebay. You’ll likely get nothing near what the piece of inherited jewelry is worth. And, if you’re using a selling marketplace, you might also get scammed.

You want to do business with a discreet jewelry buyer who can do an appraisal on your item and either buy it from you or sell it for you for a cost. This should be a jeweler with a good reputation, not a pawn shop or pagoda that you see in the mall. They will often tell you than an item is worth far less than it is so that they can purchase it from you at a low cost. The jeweler should verify the karat weight of the gold and stones in the item that you are looking to sell. At Verma Jewelers, we not only will tell you about the item you are selling, we will not pressure you into selling it after we’ve disclosed its value.

Choosing a local jeweler seems like the most logical choice. Bit they probably don’t specialize in selling vintage pieces. They may have large overhead costs. This means they might charge you a large fee during the purchase of your jewelry. At Verma jewelers, we do not have these overhead costs, and have such a large network of buyers, we can give you the honest value and a fair market price for your beautiful piece of jewelry. Additionally, if you are choosing to go to a jewelry store that only sells new items, they do not have the skills to appropriately appraise your item and they likely do not have the buyers who will be interested in a piece that isn’t brand new.

It is so important that you visit a reputable jeweler who specializes in antique, estate and vintage jewelry. They will not only give you the real appraisal value but can help you get the best return on investment.

Sending your jewelry to an online retailer might also sound appealing, but there’s potential for your item to get lost. And, what if they are not a reputable business? You might lose your valuable inheritance item and any money that you could have made from it. While Verma Jewelers is based in Atlanta, we have connections across the country. We have offices in multiple states and we guarantee your satisfaction. There is no jewelry buyer in Atlanta, or anywhere else across the world that can provide you with the services and satisfaction that the team at Verma Jewelers can.

While your local jeweler might buy your vintage piece and put photos of it in advertisements and flyers, we specialize in being discreet. When you bring inherited jewelry to us, we can ensure that your family isn’t aware it’s being sold. And we still guarantee you top dollar for the item. If the decision to sell your jewelry was not easy, or was met by resistance from family members, discretion should be your top priority. You have that when you sell to and shop at Verma Jewelers.

Are you ready to let go of inherited jewelry that is just collecting dust in your closet? Do you want to have money in your pocket instead of an old piece of inherited jewelry that gets no use? If your answer is yes, it is time to see the experts at Verma Jewelry. They are compassionate, discreet and understanding. They deal with clients daily who decide to sell jewelry with attached sentiment, but just doesn’t do anything for them. Schedule an appointment today. We can share with you our opinion of your jewelry, its appraisal value and the likelihood of a sale.


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