Thinking of Proposing on New Year’s Eve? You Might Want to Think Again

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You have been planning this day for a long time. You have crafted exactly the right moment and have rehearsed it over and over in your head. When the big ball drops on New Year’s Eve, you will drop to one knee, pull the ring out of your pocket and pop the question. She will be overjoyed and immediately say yes, then you will seal it with a kiss to bring in the new year and celebrate your new life together. Hold on Romeo, proposing on New Year’s Eve, or any gift-giving holiday for that matter, could be a mistake. 

First off, did you ever consider that she might say no? If she did, then that holiday would be forever marred by memories of a broken heart. Many before you have made this mistake, transforming what could be a moment of great joy into one that will always be remembered as the day your heart was broken into a million pieces. The holiday will never be the same again. There are several other considerations too.

The day you got engaged should always stand out as special on its own. When you tie it to another gift giving holiday, even her birthday, the engagement ring can get lost in all of the other gifts. You do not want her rattling off a list of gifts she got for Christmas and have it go, “Oh, I got some blue fuzzy socks, a new curling iron, a new iPhone, and an engagement ring.” Somehow this loses its impact, but there is another reason not to get engaged on New Year’s Eve or any other holiday.



new year's eve proposal


Who Owns the Ring?

Let’s say that you bought her the most perfect diamond that money could buy for $10,000. If she breaks off the engagement after four months, or says no, you will still be making payments on the ring for some time to come. This only adds insult to injury. At this point, you may automatically assume that because you bought it and are making payments on it, then it is yours and she has to give it back. This is where holiday engagements get tricky.

If you give her the ring on a holiday where gifts are traditionally exchanged, then the ring may be considered just another one of these gifts from a legal standpoint. An engagement ring is considered a gift, but unlike that ugly pink fuzzy sweater that you got her for Christmas, this gift is considered conditional. The condition is based on marriage.

State laws differ when it comes to possession of an engagement ring when the engagement is broken off. In most cases, the possession of the ring reverts back to the giver if the conditions of the gift are not met. When the engagement ring is given on a holiday, it could be considered an unconditional gift, and she may get to keep it. Many states are now treating broken engagements like a no-fault divorce. This may mean that you do not get to sell your engagement ring and she gets to keep it.

In some states that are no-fault states, it can be difficult to prove that she must give the ring back. Adding in that it was given on a holiday can muddy the intention of the gift. In this case, you may have lost the love of your life and you may also be out the cost of the ring. We can’t do anything about the lost love, but we may be able to help with the expense of the ring.



new year's eve proposal


What To Do If the Engagement Fails

If your engagement fails, you need to do everything possible to get the ring back, even if this means going to court. Once you have the ring back, you can sell your diamond ring to a diamond engagement ring buyer to recover as much of your cost as possible. Your next question may be how to find the best diamond ring buyer in your area. You need to find the most trusted diamond ring buyer in Atlanta.


new year's eve proposal


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We also offer free verbal appraisals of jewelry and diamonds. If you have valuable jewelry, there is a good chance we can help.


new year's eve proposal



Looking for Something Special? 

Verma Jewelry is not only the place to sell items, we have a fine selection if you are looking for something special too.

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