You Can Take That Jewelry Gift and…Sell It!

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Who doesn’t love getting presents?!

It’s your birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary or a holiday. Maybe someone just wanted to surprise you with a sparkly treat! But what if that shiny new bit of bling is simply not your thing? You prefer cold hard cash because you like the way it feels in your hands. Or there’s something else you’d rather have and you’d rather have the cash to buy it! What if you think the gift is more of a trick than a treat? Let’s be real, it’s actually hideous! You’d never be caught wearing it and the idea of hiding it in your drawer is enough to give you nightmares. Clearly it’s not a keeper. How do you ditch the trick and turn it into the treat it was meant to be? Is it okay to sell jewelry you received as a gift?


sell jewelry



IT IS OKAY to sell jewelry you received as a gift!

It’s your life and you want want to live it well. Live your best life, am I right? Let’s assume the person who gave you the gift is trying to help you do just that. And that unimaginable bit of jewelry mess was their way of contributing. In the end, they really do want you to be happy. But jewelry is a very personal item and that person’s taste is not necessarily yours. Consider it a mismatch, like a bad date. You two simply have nothing in common. The gift giver’s best guess of what you’d like doesn’t match up with what you actually love. So why drag it out? It’s better to end the relationship rather than dragging it out and making a huge mess. If you wear the jewelry and tell the gift giver you love it they’ll feel much worse when you later have to confess that you don’t. They’ll feel worse that you kept something you maybe hated and lied to them in the process. You missed the chance to find something you’d love and enjoy! There’s no reason to do that to yourself or to them. Sell the jewelry gift that you really, actually don’t want. Then use the money to buy something you do!


sell jewelry gift


Absolutely Not. Period.

We all know someone who will protest vehemently. Absolutely not, no way, no how, never is it okay to sell a gift. The person took their precious time and hard-earned money to get that gift for you. The least you can do is keep it, wear it and remember to thank them every time you see them. The louder, more obnoxious, more off the wall it is the more attention it will attract. Then you’ll have to tell everyone who asks, and they WILL ask, who got it for you. Am I right or am I right? Or they gave you something they absolutely love and were sure you would love it too! But it looks like something someone dug out of a time capsule found beneath a haunted house in a remote region of who-knows-where! Even a zombie wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it! Well, maybe a zombie. I mean, would they really have a choice? They’re already dead. But zombie style is not what you’re going for. Suck it up and wear it? NO. Absolutely not, no way, no how, is it ever okay to subject yourself to that kind of misery. If they think it is, their vote doesn’t count. Go team you and sell that ball and chain. You’ll feel better and eventually the naysayers will too. Even if they won’t admit it.



Next Step

So you’ve decided to salvage what’s left of the happy occasion gift-giving apocalypse. What do you do next? How do you turn that train wreck around? Easy! Sell the jewelry and use the cash for something that makes you happy. Whatever that happens to be. Keep the cash, touch it, feel it, roll around in it, throw it around your room if like! Use it to buy something you’ve been wanting. Or invest it in something to enjoy later like a trip, a class, a car or a home. Let’s not get crazy, it’s going to depend on what you’re cashing in. But if that gift was a good one, if it was a seriously good investment, the money you get could go further than you think! How do you know how much your jewelry is worth? How do you find out?


sell jewelry gift


Let Me Help

You can risk a guess about how much your jewelry is worth. Educated or uneducated, a guess is still a guess. I’m going to guess that you don’t want to play that kind of game with your money. Do you want only one dollar if you can get a thousand? Of course not. This is a quality of life decision! But it doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. You can get solid advice from an experienced and trusted jeweler who has a good reputation. A well-respected jewelry buyer is in the business of appraising jewelry and properly assessing it’s value. Some offer free appointments for you to bring your jewelry in and find out how much it’s worth. The good ones will make you an offer on the spot. The great ones will pay you the most money and pay you right then, right there. They won’t make you feel bad, they won’t tell anyone where they got it and you’ll leave feeling great! And richer!


Where Do I Find the Great One?

The easiest and safest way to go is to look for gold, diamond and jewelry buyers in your area. Check the reviews and see what other people have to say. In Atlanta, Georgia Verma Jewelry Group is the number one way to go. We’ve been in the jewelry business for three generations and we know what we’re talking about. Our expert jewelers include GIA alumni and world-class watch experts. We have extensive knowledge and experience with jewelry from all eras and from around the world. And most importantly, we will offer you the most money for your jewelry. We might not be able to buy everything everyone is selling but you’d be surprised at what walks in our doors! One person’s ugly is someone else’s perfect! And seriously, wouldn’t you rather have money in your pocket instead of musty old dust collectors?


sell jewelry


What are We looking for?

Everything. Well, not absolutely everything but almost. Verma Jewelry buys gold, diamonds, designer jewelry, fine watches and more. We love vintage and antique rings, custom fine jewelry pieces and scrap gold. We love collectible jewelry and rare and unusual pieces too. If your great aunt Tessie sent you some fine pieces from the old country that you’re sure should be buried, don’t despair. Who knows, they may be rare collectibles!  Or not, but we’ll give it to you straight. We’re fair and we’re honest. We do our research and evaluate your jewelry using our expert knowledge and professional industry tools. We’ll examine your jewelry, test it, weigh it and make you an offer you can’t refuse. Actually, you can refuse. You can take a day or so to think about it. Or a month or a year or more. The choice is yours and there’s no pressure. Maybe you really want to keep great aunt Tessie’s treasure disaster for sentimental reasons.  Or maybe you secretly think you might like it and that’s okay with us. Whatever you decide is fine. We can always meet again and give you a new valuation and offer. You can also just say yes. Then we’ll hand you cash, or a bank check or make a wire transfer into your account. It’s up to you. That’s how you sell your stash and leave with fresh cash!



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Sounds Like a Plan, Now What?

Take a chance, give us a call, schedule an appointment and come see us! Bring any original packaging or documentation like an appraisal or receipt with you. If you have them, they increase the value of the jewelry. For example, let’s say you’re selling a Cartier Love Bracelet. The original red Cartier box and any paperwork that came with it plus any other packaging or pieces makes it worth more. We can resell it for more which means we can pay you more for it!

Get your gifts together, schedule an appointment and come on in. We look forward to meeting you and seeing what you’re bringing in. Who knows, you might turn your bad dream into a new money, cash stash treasure trove!


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