How to Sell Estate Jewelry and Find the Right Buyer

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Millions of dollars are made annually by people selling jewelry that has been inherited or is no longer wanted. Although the process is rather simple, it can seem intimidating to the first-time seller.

Our mission with this article is to cover all the main points when it comes to selling your jewelry. With that information, you’ll have a smile on your face and money in your pocket in no time at all!


What Is Estate Jewelry?

Technically, estate jewelry is any jewelry that has been owned for at least a year. When you think of an estate, you may relate it to antique luxury timepieces, for instance, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

As for an estate jewelry buyer, it depends entirely on the individual buyer. Some may only purchase estate period jewelry while others will buy current pieces as well or even exclusively.


Prepare Your Jewelry for Appraisal and Sale

Before you appraise or sell your jewelry, take photographs of everything.

Clean and polish all of your pieces. If you’re unsure about cleaning them, take them to a professional. Should the pieces be antique or otherwise very valuable, take them to someone who specializes in such items.

Bring any original packaging or documentation, gather all of that along with the jewelry.

Take more photographs of everything for future reference.


Have Your Jewelry Appraised

You can start the appraisal process online. Use the Internet to research similar pieces to get a general idea of what these items are selling for—at least at retail.

You should also schedule multiple estate jewelry appraisals. Jewelry appraisal is as much of an art as a science, and you will receive different estimates. Having several or more will paint a clearer picture.

Professional jewelry appraisal services are valuable for more than just the estimate in that they can confirm authenticity as well as reveal other factors that may influence your selling price.


What Determines Value?

There are many factors that a jewelry appraiser will consider. These include:

• Condition
• Intrinsic value
• Replacement price
• Estate wholesale value
• Estate retail value

The intrinsic value—often referred to as the melt value when it comes to gold and other metals—is what the raw materials are worth on the current market. Replacement value is used by insurance companies, for instance, as a measure of how much it would cost to replace an item.

The estate retail value is the amount a customer would be expected to pay. The estate wholesale value is the amount a buyer-seller would pay since it needs to cover fixed costs and turn a profit.

Is Tax a Factor?

It depends, but generally, no.

Pre-owned jewelry is a capital asset, and you only pay tax if you receive capital gains.

In this case, capital gains are value earned above and beyond the fair market value.

Fair market value or FMV is contextual. If you purchased the jewelry, then the FMV is your purchase price. If you inherited the jewelry, then the FMV is the retail value that the piece currently appraises at.

Since you will generally not sell jewelry beyond its FMV, tax is usually not a factor.


How to Sell Pre-Owned Jewelry

There are many outlets through which you can sell pre-owned jewelry, but you will generally want to seek out a company that specializes in such acquisitions.

A big reason for this is that a buyer-seller’s willingness to meet the estate wholesale value will be based on the confidence in reselling that item in a timely manner.

A major Atlanta estate jewelry buyer, for instance, will have access to a worldwide network and therefore high confidence that it can move the item. A small jewelry shop in Alpharetta, on the other hand, won’t have the same resources and therefore will not be willing to pay as much.


How to Find an Atlanta Jewelry Appraiser and Buyer

While you have many options in the Atlanta region, you can pare down those options quickly.

Target buyer-sellers that are:

• Established
• Time-tested
• Well-connected
• American-owned and operated

The major outlets are going to make your life a lot easier. They can schedule appraisals at times convenient to you. They can offer you a fair price, and if you agree to their price, they can put cash in your hand right then and there without any of the hassles that come with smaller operations.


Verma Jewelry: A Name You Can Trust

Verma Jewelry is widely regarded as the best jewelry appraiser in Atlanta.

It’s among the leading buyer-sellers not just in this region but in the world.

The company has decades of industry experience and 25 offices across the globe. It also offers a highly specialized staff that includes third-generation jewelers, expert horologists and much more.



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Why Choose Verma Jewelry?

The Verma Group is the most trusted estate jewelry appraiser in Atlanta. The company is also among the top diamond jewelry buyers in Atlanta, and it has many industry resources at its disposal.

It has earned an impeccable reputation for high integrity but also exceptional client service.

Although this is a big business, you get the attention to detail you expect from a small business.

But being a major buyer comes with certain advantages, such as:

• Experience
• A global network
• Fast and versatile services


Time-Tested Experience

The importance of being the most experienced estate jewelry appraiser in Atlanta cannot be overstated. Verma Jewelry experts know exactly what they are looking at it and what it’s worth.

The Verma Group also has more than 100 years of industry experience here locally and throughout the world. That experience includes millions of dollars in jewelry transactions.



As we mentioned earlier, the scope of your buyer dictates your selling price.

When you choose Verma Jewelry, you make selling your jewelry easy.

This leading Atlanta estate jewelry appraiser has connections throughout the global jewelry industry. No matter how niche your item is, they have a connection that will pay you the best possible price.

In fact, Verma has access to more than 1,000 dealers who deal in very specific jewelry.


Versatile and Fast

Many companies promise large networks but avoid mentioning the delays that come with that. Connecting with the right buyer and getting your money can take days and even weeks.

That isn’t the case with Verma Jewelry.

On the day of your appointment, an expert appraiser will appraise it right then and there. If you agree to the price, you will receive your money at that very moment—not days or weeks later.

If there are logistics to overcome, Verma Jewelry handles them rather than passing them off to the client.

As a jewelry seller, you shouldn’t accept anything less.


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