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Verma Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia is the leading authority in the estate jewelry buying and appraisal industry. We have built our credibility and high-quality connections over the span of three generations. Verma Jewelry is American-owned and operated. We buy and sell the most exquisite range of antique, vintage, designer, and new jewelry and diamonds. Our experienced Estate Jewelry Appraiser can quickly and efficiently organize and valuate your estate jewelry. We offer the most money for estate jewelry.

Our expert staff can help you find the perfect piece that will suit your taste and style. Verma can also customize jewelry to suit your needs. We use vintage settings, diamonds, and gemstones to design the perfect piece for you personally. Get the professional help of Verma Jewelry if you need jewelry appraisal services. Contact us and set up an appointment.

The Most Experienced Jewelry Appraiser in Atlanta

Verma Jewelry is the most experienced estate jewelry appraiser in Atlanta. We have the knowledge and resources to accommodate your requests and answer your questions. At Verma, we are dedicated to providing friendly and honest service. We understand that executing an estate can be sensitive and at times overwhelming. Verma offers a comfortable and stress-free environment during your private appointment. We keep your information and the details of your estate confidential and secured. Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals who work together to provide you with the best experience possible.

We want to secure your trust and build a professional relationship with you. As one of the leading buyers of estate jewelry, we work to provide you with the best and most convenient service in the shortest amount of time. Our professional and friendly service goes beyond appraisal; we also repair fine jewelry and watches and we buy scrap gold, sterling silver jewelry and tableware. Sell your jewelry to us, Verma Jewelry, the most trusted jewelry appraiser in Atlanta.


We Are Fast, Efficient and Accurate

Verma Jewelry in Atlanta provides the best service in estate jewelry appraisals because of our experience and reliability. We work with over one thousand specialized dealers who are looking for what you’re selling. Verma offers you the most money for your luxury timepieces. Our extensive network of specialized dealers gives us the means to move and buy more estate jewelry than any other estate jewelry buyer in Atlanta.

Verma Jewelry works with your schedule to ensure your satisfaction. We understand that time is precious, so we price, organize, and appraise jewelry quickly and efficiently. With our expertise, we can evaluate estates of three to four hundred pieces in as little as one day to one week, depending on your specific needs. Verma can work on short notice. We quickly and efficiently organize your estate and split it according to your directions and wishes.


We Are the Highest Volume Estate Jewelry Appraiser in Atlanta

Verma Jewelry is the highest volume Atlanta estate jewelry appraiser, making us the nation’s leading estate jewelry appraiser in the industry. We are continuously building up our collection by purchasing from small and large estates in various locations.

Our experts are very particular and buy the best quality pieces. We evaluate the antiques we buy and sell to ensure our customers receive the greatest value for their estate items.

At Verma Jewelry, Atlanta estate jewelry buyer, our friendly service and accurate valuations help build and benefit our business and our customers. We will make sure that your estate, whether it is being liquidated or divided, will be appraised correctly and efficiently. We are the top diamond jewelry buyers in Atlanta and the best jewelry appraiser in Atlanta.

Contact us or set up an appointment today to start a professional, long-lasting relationship with us. We will help you with any questions or requests you may have.


We Have Over 100 Years of Experience

For over one hundred years Verma Jewelry has conducted high-quality transactions in the jewelry business. We have three generations of accumulated expert knowledge and connections accrued through estate purchases, evaluations, and exhibiting in estate shows. Our knowledge directly benefits our customers.

Verma Jewelry appraisers have an abundance of experience and knowledge to grade and identify your estate or jewelry accurately. We offer you our care and trust when you choose to work with us, ensuring your satisfaction. Verma approaches each transaction in a professional, confidential way that makes you feel comfortable and secure.

We make the process simple and convenient for you with our friendly staff. At Verma Jewelry, our professional standards provide you with excellence and quality. Verma Jewelry offers an inviting, open environment to ensure that you are comfortable to ask and receive all the information you require.

We are the most experienced estate jewelry appraiser in Atlanta and will help you with any jewelry requests you many have. We will help you if you need an estimate, repair, and much more.


Each Piece is Unique

When you set up an appointment with us, we review your needs and situation to prepare for your visit. We arrive prepared to evaluate and appraise your jewelry and diamonds. Verma Jewelry appraisers tailor and prepare paperwork and other essentials for you to make the process quicker and more pleasant for you . We are also able to explain and provide you with the details of your items.

In preparing your appraisal, we take into account the demand and desirability of your estate pieces. We look at each piece independently, each with it’s own qualities.

The pieces of jewelry that we buy are hand selected by our premier staff. We are an authority on vintage rings and jewels which makes possible our unmatched selection of treasures. When we look into buying for our collection, we take into account the quality, condition, and rarity of each piece.

Most importantly, we consider whether the jewelry will represent our standards as the leading business in jewelry appraisal.


We Are the Best, Most Trusted Estate Jewelry Appraiser in Atlanta

At Verma, we have the most trusted estate jewelry appraisers in Atlanta. We help you with all of your jewelry needs including evaluation, repair, and more. Verma Jewelry offers the most knowledgeable and friendly service in the business, making your time with us comfortable and accommodating. We ensure that your satisfaction is exceeded and that your information is confidential and secure.

Verma Jewelry carries the broadest range of fine jewelry and diamonds and we can customize pieces to suit your needs. We give you the best price and products on the market. We discuss your estate with you before your appointment to make the process faster and more personal.

Verma Jewelry wants to secure your trust and business. Sell your jewelry with us at Verma Jewelry, Atlanta jewelry appraiser. Let’s start building a relationship. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and to maintaining the quality of our collection of fine jewelry. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to talk with our staff.

We want to make sure your time with us is the most productive and convenient for you. Set up an appointment with us today and let us help you with the appraisal of your estate. We would enjoy the chance to get to know you and help you with all of your needs.


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