We are proud to offer diamond estate buying services to the greater Atlanta area. Estate Diamonds come in all sizes and qualities. It is amazing how much we can tell from the way the diamond was cut as well as the style of setting. Clients are always surprised when we are able to tell the story and sometimes even include potential areas where the diamond could have been originally purchased  from or cut just by quickly checking the status of the stone under magnification.

Majority of estate diamonds we take a look at are Old Miner Cuts and Old European Cuts. The next popular style is called the transitional cut diamond which is a mix of the Old European cut and the modern round brilliant. We always purchase the different types of cuts, Old miners and Europeans are always kept as is as they are unique to an era of the 1800s for the old miners and early 1900s for Old Europeans. Due to their antique and vintage value, they have become highly desirable and command strong premiums. Unfortunately many jewelry across the world do not know this and recut the rare stones into modern brilliants, which diminishes the antique or vintage value it once had.

Certain cases are present that we do recommend a stone for recut, and this is usually when a stone has been chipped or has fractures at the edge that hinder a better value. Our company has a diamond cutter available at all times for polishing and recutting services as well. Cutting diamonds has transformed from an ancient art that was once sole done by hand to now where a laser sarin is used to map out the best possible outcome for the diamond and value.

We look forward to viewing your estate diamond jewelry and also work with attorneys as well in the case a valuation is needed for an estate.