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When your significant other got down on one knee, asked for your hand in marriage and slipped that glittering engagement ring onto your finger, you were surely ready for your happily ever after. Unfortunately life doesn’t always work out according to plan. Now the relationship has ended and the ring that once made you so happy may feel like a dead weight. Like many people, you may be holding onto it for various reasons. But do those reasons really make practical sense? Read on to find out how selling your engagement ring in Atlanta may be the step that you need to truly embrace your new life.

sell your engagement ring


Don’t Need Your Engagement Ring Anymore? 

You might be searching for Sandy Springs jewelry buyers to sell your engagement ring. The ring may have come with much fanfare and happiness but you no longer need it. You may feel conflicting emotions about that jewelry whether because of a divorce or your partner has passed away. You may not be quite ready to find a trusted buyer for your ring even though you realize you don’t need it anymore.


An Emotional Decision 

Making the decision to sell an engagement ring isn’t easy. Some folks want to rid themselves of it quickly but most people remain attached long after the marriage has ended. Folks don’t often realize the emotional toll that comes with holding onto something like that. Keeping that engagement ring instead of selling it to a  Georgia diamond buyer can keep you in a rut.


sell your engagement ring


Why Do People Keep Engagement Rings After Divorce? 

Going through a divorce is emotionally wrenching. That old engagement ring sometimes becomes a security blanket making divorce seem less final. Ask yourself why you have kept it so far. Common reasons that people cite for doing so include:

  • to pass along to a daughter or future daughter-in-law
  • the ring was custom designed and a lot of work was involved in having it made
  • the ring is really pretty and you just like the way that it looks
  • you harbor secret hopes that the relationship will resume someday
  • the ring is a family heirloom and has been passed down for many generations


Test the Waters: Have the Engagement Ring Appraised 

People often think their old engagement ring won’t be worth much. Pre-loved engagement rings do fetch much lower prices than new ones. However, people are often surprised by how much old pieces of jewelry are worth. Bring your ring to ATL engagement ring buyer Verma Jewelry to find out how much it’s worth. It could very well be that the answer will pleasantly surprise you. This could give you the motivation that you need to rid yourself of the item for good.


sell your engagement ring



10 Reasons to Sell Your Engagement Ring 

There are lots of great reasons for selling engagement rings in Atlanta. The most obvious one is the relationship has come to an end and the jewelry is no longer needed. Of course, it isn’t always possible to make a logical decision like that at times of emotional upheaval. Following are 10 reasons that selling your engagement ring may be the way to go. It just might convince you to find an online diamond buyer to finally close that chapter of your life.


  1. Free Up Space – Engagement rings may be tiny in terms of how much physical space they occupy. The emotional space that they consume, however, can be truly staggering. Knowing the ring is tucked away in a jewelry box or dresser drawer can keep you from looking there. Why walk  around on pins and needles in your own home? Sell your engagement ring and free up that space. You might also want to clear away any other old pieces of jewelry that remind you of your relationship. A qualified Brookhaven diamond buyer at Verma Jewelry can help.
  2. Avoid Emotional Triggers – Going through a divorce is one of the most emotionally devastating things that a person can go through. While that old engagement ring was a reminder of happier times, those once joyful memories have turned painful. You shouldn’t ignore the pain that divorce has caused you. You shouldn’t subject yourself to constant breakdowns either. Knowing that the ring is gone once and for all allows you to live without those persistent emotional triggers. 
  3. Acknowledge That It’s Not Needed – If your old engagement ring could serve any practical purpose, that would be one thing. In reality it no longer has purpose in your life. You may become engaged again someday. The last thing you’ll want is to slip that old ring back onto your finger. Often, simply taking a realistic view of the situation is all that is needed to finally be able to let go. You don’t need the ring anymore, so why not sell it?
  4. Rid Yourself of a Painful Reminder – You and your partner were surely thrilled at the time that you exchanged vows. The things that caused the relationship and marriage to unravel were likely very difficult to handle. Whether you had an amicable breakup or a truly horrendous one, you are undoubtedly left with many painful memories. The relationship may have been marred by infidelity or abuse or perhaps it simply faded away. Getting rid of the engagement ring helps to release those bad memories. This can be a very powerful and cathartic act.
  5. Embrace Change – As the saying goes, the only constant in life is change. You may not believe that you are keeping the engagement ring as a way of holding on to the past. The reality is that until you get rid of it, that’s exactly what you are doing. It’s important to move forward into the next chapter of your life. This step will be easier and more enjoyable without being tethered to things that no longer serve you. Actively embrace the change that has come into your life and free yourself up for new adventures. Selling your engagement ring to a GIA diamond buyer at Verma Jewelry is a positive first step.
  6. Help Someone Else – Painful though it may be, plenty of people in your neck of the woods are preparing to become engaged. Many of them cannot afford to buy brand-new engagement rings and will look at resale items. Helping someone else move forward in their happy relationship can help you let go. Instead of being relegated to an old drawer collecting dust, your ring can bring joy to another couple.
  7. Improve Your Mental Health – There’s a saying that the things that you own end up owning you. The baggage that goes along with your engagement ring can be weighing you down mentally and emotionally. You may not even be aware of it. Getting rid of that ring could help you mentally heal from your divorce or the death of your spouse. It is a powerful way of acknowledging that the relationship has ended. It will free up your mind and emotions for better and healthier things.
  8. Truly Let Go – If you thought that you were done with your marriage when the judge slammed the gavel down in that courtroom, think again. You may think you have valid reasons for holding on to your engagement ring. The reality is that it is forever tied to that relationship and that partner. Keeping it is like refusing to admit that the relationship is forever in the past. Clinging is a surefire way to heap tons more pain onto yourself. The sooner that you sell your engagement ring to a Buckhead diamond ring buyer at Verma Jewelry, the sooner you will truly be free to move on to bigger and better things.
  9. Make Room for New Love – Immediately after a painful divorce or the death of a spouse, it is natural to recoil at the thought of venturing out onto the dating scene. Sooner or later though, you will be ready to embrace life fully again. This will include putting yourself out there and finding a new partner. Your heart will never truly be in it as long as you keep that engagement ring.  Even if you aren’t wearing your rings anymore, you will know that the engagement ring is still around. It could even become an issue for your new partner. Sell it now so that when you’re ready to find new love you can proceed without any second thoughts.
  10. Get Paid – You are likely to be left with a big mess to clean up following the end of marriage, whether divorce or death. You may have old debts that must be cleared away as you embark on your newly single life. You could probably use some extra cash even if you don’t have old debts to pay off.  The proceeds from selling your engagement ring are certain to be put to good use. Use the money for a makeover, a new gym membership, a new wardrobe or for a plane ticket to an exotic location.


sell your engagement ring

Selling Your Engagement Ring in Atlanta


If you are now convinced of the merits of selling your unneeded engagement ring, you are probably ready to find the best place to sell your ring in Atlanta. Look no further than the professional diamond buyers of Verma Jewelry. We buy jewelry from private sellers and we’re ready to help you sell your engagement ring, so give us a call today for more information.


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