If She Ended the Engagement, Sell the Ring and Move On

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The pain of a broken engagement can be overwhelming. You were expecting to open a new chapter in your life, one filled with love, joy and a bright future. But she said no. And if feels like the rejection is crushing you.

As the song says, your heart will go on. You know that time will heal you. But in the meantime, you’ve got another problem. What do you do with that diamond engagement ring?

You selected it with care and excitement, you put your heart and soul, not to mention a considerable chunk of your paycheck, into buying it. And now you have a ring on your hands that you don’t want, and that reminds you of your pain and embarrassment every time you look at it.


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Let it Go

There’s an answer. The answer is to let go of it. Despite what you may have heard, you can sell a diamond ring. Doing so could be a major step towards releasing your emotional baggage. Symbolic acts can often be a way to mark a positive new turning point in our lives.

The law is on your side, by the way. If your engagement ended, unless the ring is a family heirloom belonging to the bride’s family, in most cases you have the legal right to take the ring and do whatever you like with it. Resist the urge to throw it in the nearest ditch, though. Selling it is a much better option.


broken engagement


How to Sell an Engagement Ring

Here are some of the ways you may have thought of to sell your ring, and the pros and cons of each.

Pawn shop. Don’t let a desire to unload the ring quickly send you to the local pawn shop. You will get rid of it quickly, and you’ll get immediate cash in hand, but you’ll also get ripped off. Check out the prices for expensive jewelry at your average pawn shop and you’ll see that they’re a great deal for buyers, but not for sellers.

Online or newspaper classified. Don’t even think about it, unless you want to be inundated by scammers, low-ballers and other people who will waste your time. Any engagement ring buyer who’s looking in the classifieds is not prepared to pay full value. These sites are fantastic for selling cars, furniture and housewares. They’re not where you want to sell something this valuable.

Jewelry store. Most jewelry stores have very strict guidelines about how much they’ll pay for a ring, even one that’s untouched and new in the box. As you can imagine, those guidelines heavily favor the store, not you. In most cases you’ll only get back about half of what you paid. That may even include the store where you bought the ring.

Online auctions. Online auctions can be a good way to sell a ring, but there are two problems. One is knowing how much value is actually in your ring. Can you evaluate it properly, compared to other rings that are up for auction? Another is time. Online auctions can take a long time, because you’ll be competing with all the other people out there trying to sell a diamond ring or engagement ring.


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Why an Estate Diamond Ring Buyer is Your Best Option

To sell your ring quickly, for the maximum value, your best bet is to contact an estate jewelry buyer that specializes in high-end jewelry and diamonds. Unlike a pawn shop or a jewelry store, an experienced diamond buyer will give you a fair appraisal and a price that holds more of the ring’s original value. You’ll also get personalized service, with respectful treatment of your time and your ring.

A skilled, experienced diamond ring buyer has the knowledge to price your ring correctly, get it sold quickly and deal with you one-on-one. They have a list of clients looking for rings, who regard them as a trusted and reliable source of quality, high-end jewelry.

Don’t discount the personal touch, either. Estate buyers and sellers have experience dealing with people who have endured a broken engagement, lost their loved ones or gone through a tough inheritance battle. They’ve seen it all and they know how to approach these situations with tact, care and compassion.


How an Engagement Ring Buyer Can Help

You won’t be alone in this. At Verma Jewelry, we can walk you through the selling process and make the experience painless and pleasant. We are a well-established diamond ring buyer in Atlanta, with a sterling reputation for honesty and thousands of satisfied clients.

You can recover some of your financial loss. As you know, you won’t recover the full cost of the diamond. Like cars, diamonds begin to lose value almost as soon as they are purchased. But you can recover a larger portion of the money you spent when you rely on a trusted diamond buyer and seller.

We can help. At Verma Jewelry, we are ready to show you the difference you’ll see when you have an experienced diamond buyer on your side. When the time comes, we can even help you buy your next ring and show you how to save money and buy a ring that will hold its value longer.



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We Can Buy Your Engagement Ring

If you’re ready to move on and step up to a brighter future, call Verma Jewelry, the most trusted diamond ring buyer in Atlanta. Verma Jewelry will treat you with honesty, caring and respect. And we know that ring isn’t just a hunk of metal with a stone on it. And we know what it meant to you. We also know that the best way to get over your pain is to let it go.

Verma Jewelry buyers have helped many men in your situation who were able to recover from their rejection, sell the ring through a trusted diamond buyer and move forward. We look forward to helping you do the same.

And who knows, when you’re ready to take the leap and propose again, we can help with that too. Next time, come see us and save money. We can help you find that one of a kind ring at a great price. Money in your pocket, that’s your goal and we’re here to help you do it!

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