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Getting the Most Out of Your Jewelry Selling Experience

Jewelry, perhaps more than almost any other item, carries with it strong emotional connections to the past. Fine jewelry can remind you of a fairytale love story, a loved one who has passed or great personal success. This can make it difficult to part with, even if the time is right. However, whether for reasons practical or emotional, it may be time to part with these treasures. You want to get the best value for your jewelry. You also want to deal properly with the emotions you experience afterwards. Here are a few tips for selling your jewelry like a pro.


Start with a Clear Head

You may think that the best way to sell jewelry is by first finding the best place to sell jewelry in Georgia. This is certainly an important aspect of selling jewelry. However, the first, most important step is to minimize your emotional attachment to the jewelry. If you don’t begin here, it’s likely you’ll artificially inflate the value of the jewelry in your mind.  This will make it difficult for any atl jewelry buyers to offer you what you think your jewelry’s worth.

Don’t turn your feelings into requirements for someone who has no connection to the person who gave you the jewelry. Of course sentimental value is highly important when a piece of jewelry is passed down through generations of a family. However, if you decide to sell that same piece of jewelry, it can only be judged on its intrinsic value.

You can retain your fond memories of the jewelry by photographing the piece from different angles. This will allow you to fully remember the piece and keep all the memories associated with it. It enables you to also reap the benefits of selling the piece.


Know Before You Go

So you’ve rationalized the sentimental value that’s attached to the jewelry you’d like to sell. Next, it’s important to thoroughly investigate what it might truly be worth by learning more about its characteristics and classifications. You can be sure that Atlanta diamond buyers will know exactly what they’re looking at when you bring a piece in. It’s important to understand that information yourself to ensure you get a fair value.

An appraiser can assist you with grading the diamonds and other materials contained in your jewelry. This will help you get a realistic idea of how these characteristics affect the piece’s value. Of course, we’re also glad to accurately evaluate your piece for you. After all, we have a vested interest in getting it right. Getting the value wrong could end up costing us, as well.



Understand Pricing

As much as you’d like to, it’s unlikely you’re jewelry is worth what you originally paid for it. This is simply because those buying used jewelry are looking for a great value. Otherwise, they’d just buy a brand new piece for full price. This is important to keep in mind as you consider the value of the piece. And as you seek the best place to ship jewelry to or the best way to sell jewelry in Atlanta.

Having an over-inflated perception of your piece’s intrinsic value will make it more difficult to sell your piece. You’ll be more likely to turn down fair offers for your piece. Ultimately there’s a limit to the re-sale price that the market will bear. Don’t let this deter you from selling your piece, however. Instead, let it motivate you to obtain good advice for selling your jewelry in Buckhead. Use that advice to make an informed and wise decision, in the end.


best place sell jewelry Buckhead



Sell Well

When it comes to selling jewelry, you have plenty of options for outlets to sell your piece. Given the high-dollar amounts involved when selling jewelry you may look for the biggest payout. However, finding the highest bidder may not be the best way for you to sell your jewelry. You can always work to find a private buyer who’s interested in wearing it instead of re-selling.

Unfortunately, your piece may be on the market for a long time. There are a wide range of jewelry options available and the individual tastes of those looking to buy vary widely. Thus, selling to a private buyer can take a very long time. Plus, you risk being unfairly accused of fraud by a less-than-honest buyer who’s looking for an even better price deal. Even if this doesn’t occur, the commissions you’ll likely end up paying could diminish any profits you may make.


best place sell jewelry Buckhead


Best Option

Your other option, then, is to sell to a dealer. Dealers have many reasons for purchasing jewelry. It’s important to understand the purpose of the dealers you’re considering. This knowledge will help you understand which dealer will be able to give you the best price for your jewelry. At Verma Jewelry Group, we want to be your go-to place for selling any type of jewelry. That’s why we offer free, no obligation appraisals in a private setting within our office.

We’ll make you an offer, take care of all the necessary paperwork and get you your money quickly and easily. You don’t have to worry about any con men or shady schemes. All you have to do is bring your jewelry in for appraisal and collect your money. You can use your new pocket money however you’d like.


best place sell jewelry Buckhead


Consider the Money

Once you’ve sold your jewelry, it’s important that you carefully consider what to do with the money you receive. Depending on what you sell, you may end up with a significant sum of money to put to good use. Of course, if you have immediate needs that’s certainly a good use for the money.

Maybe you were simply selling your jewelry because you no longer wanted or needed it. In this case, it’s wise to place some of the money you receive in some type of long-term investment. This allows your money to grow steadily over time. Unlike jewelry, which, by its nature, tends to lose value over time, many investments come with guaranteed or near-guaranteed returns. These assurances allow your investment to grow, potentially even beyond what was originally paid for the jewelry you sold. Putting your money to work and seeing it grow can help lessen the sting of those emotional connections even more.


Who to Trust

At Verma Jewelry Group, we understand that selling your jewelry can be intimidating. There are many options available, some of which are less than trustworthy. We offer the most trustworthy and reliable customer service to each of our clients. We want you to get the best price for the items you sell. We offer all of this in an atmosphere that’s pressure free as well as warm and caring.

If you’d like to turn some of your rarely used jewelry into cash, you can call us today. We’ll give you a free verbal appraisal and discuss the next steps in the process. We can help you create new memories as you put your money to work for you in business and pleasure.

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