Are You Ready to Sell Your Engagement Ring?

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Are You Ready to Sell After Break up or Divorce?


sell your engagement ring

The Importance of Healing

Should you sell your engagement ring? Long-term relationship break-ups and divorce are among the most difficult life changes a person can experience. No matter the circumstances of the separation or the reasons for the parting, the emotional trauma can be life-changing and emotionally traumatizing. In order to maintain a healthy life balance and find happiness again, healing must happen as soon as possible. Holding onto resentment and grieving over past relationships may hinder happiness and future relationships. Additionally, this emotional baggage may hamper job performance, interrupt sleep and elevate stress levels. This can lead to health issues and a diminished quality of life. Resentment and grief from divorce may also negatively impact other crucial relationships and friendships.


Everyone grieves differently

Everyone grieves over past relationships in different ways. There is no cookie cutter solution or concrete schedule to follow in order to find healing and freedom. You should not expect yourself to follow the same road to successful recovery as another person. Some people might dispose of their wedding and engagement rings immediately after the first whisper of a break-up. They might rid themselves of any and all reminders of their ex-partners and their former lives. The process of letting go of these reminders might give them a sense of empowerment and freedom. They might feel happiness from the experience and have no regrets or remorse after the items have been sold or discarded.

Others who are going through the break-up of a long-term relationship or a sticky divorce might grieve deeply over the lost relationship. They might grieve over the loss of happier times. Or they may regret actions and words they believe might have had a negative impact on the relationship. These people may want to keep their rings and other items that they obtained during their marriage or relationship. Perhaps they want to hang onto these objects in the same way that they hold on to the emotions generated from the love they felt or the love they lost. Maybe they feel as if these items from the relationship signify hope for reconciliation. Some might keep them as a reminder of better times.


sell your engagement ring


A Balanced Approach

And other people, most perhaps, fall somewhere between these two extremes. These people have regret and are mourning their losses, but are realistic about the situation. They realize that they must put the past behind them and march forward towards a brighter future. Though they might want to hold onto sentimental items for a short time. However, they may also quickly decide that these symbols of lost love do not bring them comfort. These items are actually painful reminders of past hurt and are  these people are willing to part with them in a timely manner.

The process of grieving and coming to terms with ridding yourself of relationship trappings is as unique as you are. Do not make yourself fit into a time-frame you are not comfortable with, nor should you feel guilty over a quick recovery.


sell your engagement ring


Happiness is possible

The good news for everyone is that recovery from a relationship break-up or divorce is possible. It might not be easy, and the process may take weeks, months or even years to unfold, but there is hope on the other side. The path might be bumpy and look quite different from someone else in a similar situation, but there is hope. Better yet, there are tangible steps that can be taken to help in the process.

While a lot of the healing process simply takes time and can not be rushed, many psychologists agree that there are tangible and practical steps that can be taken to help speed along the recovery and ease the pain.

Steps to Healing

One healthy step towards recovery is to rid yourself of souvenirs and reminders of the broken relationship. These trinkets and trappings are physical reminders of the past relationship and include such things as jewelry, gifts and other memorabilia. While these items might signify a happy moment or significant day, their meaning is often tainted and tarnished after the ugliness of the break-up.

Some of these relationship trappings are easier to part with than others. A dress or neck tie worn on a first date or a ticket stub from a concert or play might be easily disposed of without trauma. Other items, things with a more significant meaning or a higher sentimental value, might be harder to live without.

Engagement rings and wedding rings are perhaps the most significant symbols of a commitment known to mankind. Because of this deep-rooted symbolism and the intense sentimental value given to it, an engagement ring can be one of the most difficult things to part with after a break-up. However, parting with it might be the most significant tangible move towards freedom and healing that a person can make.

sell your engagement ring


the Importance of Letting Go

According to PsychologyToday.com, holding on to reminders of past relationships might hinder current and future relationships. Learning to let go of the trappings of a past relationship may not only be a sign of healing, but may also help promote a healthy emotional recovery.

How can ridding yourself of a wedding band or engagement ring help you after a relationship break-up or divorce?

  • Keeping your wedding band or engagement ring may tell a prospective partner that you are still attached to your previous partner. Even if you’re legally divorced, the ring may symbolize continuing emotional attachment to your ex.
  • Holding onto symbols of a broken relationship may actually promote an emotional connection to your ex-partner which prevents full recovery.
  • If you continue to wear your ring after a break-up, your ex-partner may view this as a way to continue to control and manipulate you within your newly defined relationship.
  • Letting go of the symbols of a broken relationship may cause a sense of empowerment and freedom that you didn’t even know was possible.
  • Selling your wedding or engagement ring provides money that helps with bills, daily expenses or even pay for a vacation!


Are you Ready to Sell your Engagement or Wedding Ring?

How will you know that it is time to make the move to sell your engagement and wedding rings? Once you are able to accept the fact that your past relationship is over, it is time to make a symbolic move towards a new and better life. The ring that once symbolized everlasting love has suddenly turned into a sad sentimental trapping that clutters your life and toys with your emotions. It no longer stands for commitment, love and faithfulness. It now stands as an oddly beautiful reminder of broken promises, faded love and heartbreak. As difficult as it may seem, selling this ring might be the perfect symbolic step that allows you to start the healing process. Ridding yourself of the sparkly little reminder of a broken relationship can empower you to let go of the past and push forward to a brighter future.

Are you ready to move on? Are you ready to rid yourself of the reminders of a failed relationship? Ask yourself the following questions and carefully consider the answers to determine if you are ready to move onto the healing step of selling your ring.

  • “Am I ready to take another step toward healing?”
  • “Do I want to let go of objects that clutter my life and remind me of a broken relationship?”
  • “Am I ready to sell my ring and remove the constant reminder of the past?”
  • “Am I ready for the next phase of my life?”

If you honestly answered “yes” to these questions, you are ready to make the symbolic step forward in your path to happiness. You are ready to sell your ring. Now its time to learn what to do when selling an engagement ring.


Where to Sell your Engagement Ring and unwanted Jewelry

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What to Expect

Verma Jewelry knows that parting with a wedding ring or an engagement ring can be an emotionally sensitive time for our customers. We will be respectful of your needs and your emotions. At Verma Jewelry, we strive to make the process of selling your jewelry pleasant, simple and easy. It is important to us that our customers walk away with the best possible deal and a sense of empowerment and freedom. Visit our office today for a complimentary verbal appraisal on your diamond ring.

Freedom from past hurt, broken promises and unfulfilled dreams are right around the corner. You really can live a full and happy life again after divorce. Even though your new life may look different than your old one, it doesn’t have to be sad or lonely or full of regret. Sometimes the best way to soar into the future is to cut ties with the past.

We want all our customers to experience their best life and we want to help them through this most painful period of life. Visit us for a no obligation consultation and start moving towards a better you and brighter future.

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