How to Get the Most for your Gold in Atlanta

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When you sell your gold jewelry you want to get top dollar. So how do you get the most money for your gold? Sell your gold jewelry and scrap gold to the Top Rated Atlanta Gold Buyer, Verma Jewelry. We offer top dollar for your gold and pay you on the spot. An appointment takes only 15 minutes. We will sort, test and weigh your gold jewelry. We will then work with you to agree upon the best price possible. Verma Jewelry wants you to walk away with the most money for your gold.


Real Gold Talk

Now, we’re a business and we need to make money too. Be realistic, you’re not going to get full retail price for your gold. In other words, we can’t pay you what you paid a retail store for your items. Retailers inflate their prices to cover overhead costs including inventory, rent, employees, advertising, etc. Thus you paid top dollar for your gold when you bought it at a typical retailer. We are a gold buyer and reseller. We are an independent, family-owned business. Why does this matter? How are we different? Our retail markups are significantly lower than your average retailer because our overhead is significantly lower. We control our costs so that we can offer you, the seller, the most money for your gold jewelry. We adjust our prices based on the daily gold rate, however gold tends to remain fairly steady over the longterm. This means gold is a good investment for you and for us. We want to buy your gold. You want to get the most money for your gold. Verma Jewelry will give you the most money for your gold.


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How Does It Work?

When you’re ready to sell your gold, what do you do next? Gather the items you may be interested in selling. If you have any appraisal paperwork, receipts or original packaging for your items Bring It With You! Documentation and original packaging increase the value of some pieces. If you don’t have any of these items, don’t worry. They’re not necessary, just helpful for some items.


Do I Have to Sell Everything I Bring?

And remember, you are under no obligation to sell anything you bring. You may be curious to see what your gold is worth but are not sure you’re ready to sell. That’s okay. We’ll examine your gold jewelry and make you an offer. You can opt to sell your gold on the spot and get paid. You can also choose to wait a few days to think it over and get back to us. That’s okay too. You may not be sure you’re ready to sell some items. You may want to wait weeks, months or even years. We’re okay with that. We’ll still be here for you when you’re ready. You can come back in at any time. We will reappraise your items and make you a fresh offer based on current market prices and trends.


What’s next?

Follow the easy steps listed and start your gold selling journey. You can schedule an appointment online at Vermajewelry.com.  You can also call or e-mail us with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.

If you’re not sure if we’d be interested in buying an item, call or e-mail us and ask.


What Should I Bring?

When you come for your appointment feel free to bring items you have questions about. Maybe you called about a 2.0 carat diamond engagement ring and scheduled your appointment. But on appointment day you decided you might want to sell some rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings. Maybe you found some tangled gold chains or broken gold brooches. Bring those items with you. If the bracelet is twisted, the clasp is broken, the pin is missing, links are broken or missing it’s okay with us. Maybe it’s just plain ugly! You don’t like it and don’t think anyone else will either! Well, it’s possible someone else may think it’s beautiful! It could be a collectible item that’s simply not your style. And it could be valuable just for it’s gold value. Whatever the case, bring those items with you! It can’t hurt and it could potentially put extra money in your pocket.


What if I Forget Something?

The bottom line is, you may not know what you have and we can help you with that. Call us and ask or bring the jewelry with you to your appointment. Bring any original jewelry pouches, boxes, instructions, booklets, receipts or paperwork for those items. Original documentation and packaging increase the value of some items. Appraisals and original paperwork also contribute to a higher value for some items. If you have it, bring it with you. Bring it into the office with you, don’t leave it in your car. Save yourself an extra trip. If you bring everything to your appointment you won’t have to come back for the same item because the paperwork was at home. But if you forget to bring it, that’s okay. We’re happy to schedule another appointment anytime! We want your experience to be as convenient and easy as possible.

We’ll make it easy, you just show up!


What Does Gold Look Like?

This is not the silly question it seems to be. At Verma Jewelry, there are no dumb questions. Just ask.

Gold may be in the form of a coin or bar. It could be the setting of a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings. It could be in a watch case or watch bracelet. Nose rings, body jewelry, tiaras, toe rings, anklets and body chains can all contain gold. Gold can be found in old tooth fillings. It’s used to make grills. Gold can be in nugget form. Gold finger nails exist. And some of these items may be made from Platinum or a Platinum and Gold combination.


Okay, thats what it’s used for but… What Does It Look Like?!

Gold comes in rose, yellow and white. It can look pink, silvery, light yellow or a even be a bit on the orange side. Most gold jewelry items are stamped. Some are stamped with numbers and letters, for example 14K. Some have just numbers like 750 for 18K gold. Letter stamps include PLAT for platinum or PLAT IRID for platinum mixed with iridium. Jewelry created in some countries, as well as antique and vintage pieces, may bear picture stamps. The pictures are often within bordered frames and there may be a series of stamps. These can tell us the country of origin, when the piece was made and the metal or metals it’s made from. We can examine your jewelry and tell you what you have. This helps us determine the value of your gold items. And helps us determine the best price we can offer you.


Steps for selling gold:


  1. Schedule an appointment. Our office is in Buckhead.
  2. Visit our office. Bring all the items you would like to have tested and measured for purity and value.
  3. Our team will assess your items. We will use powerful earth magnets and then acid tests to determine gold purity.
  4. Separate the gold by karat purity: 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, 24kt and any karat purities found in between.
  5. Check for items that can be sold for more than just the scrap price. Often, gold items can be sold as pre-owned jewelry and are worth more than the gold alone.
  6. After we separate and price your items, you can decide what you would like to sell or hold on to.


Our Testing Methods


We use several testing methods, from incredibly strong magnets that can pick up plated gold to specifically designed acid formulas. All testing is done on premises unless we need an X-ray style XRF. We conduct this test in our New York office. A handful of bracelets with charms can easily be worth more than $3,000. Jewelry experts recommend having your jewelry appraised annually for insurance purposes. We also recommend that you do this just in case you would like to sell. It’s important to know what your gold is worth so you know that you’re getting a fair price for it!


Visit our office and see the incredible prices your jewelry is bringing today!


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