How to Sell Inherited Jewelry the Right Way

estate jewelry appraisers

The Verma Group is the leading Atlanta estate jewelry appraiser and buyer with over 100 years in the business. Our team knows and understands how painstaking the process to sell your jewelry that you inherited can be. Therefore, we crafted this guide to help you understand the easiest and best way to go about it.

Along the journey of understanding the process for what it is, we’ll also introduce some of the practices we embrace here at Verma Jewelry. This will help you better understand how we’ve been labeled as the most experienced estate jewelry appraiser in Atlanta and what it takes for us to maintain it.


estate jewelry appraisers



Begin by considering whether selling is truly a viable option.

Luxury timepieces and inherited jewelry are two of the things that are the most difficult to part with. A decision like this doesn’t need to be “off the whim.” As the results could last for many years to come and impact more than just the person who inherited the jewelry in the first place.

Great ways to hold onto heirloom jewelry include:

· Passing it on to a future generation to keep the heirloom alive.

This is the route mainly chosen when something has significant family value. Keeping the treasure in its original condition is critical. Not to mention one will want to make sure that it gets passed on to someone who will appreciate it as well as take good care of it.

· Wearing it yourself to display its significance within your life.

If the ring fits or the necklace fits your style, you may want to save it for yourself. This will help the world see some of your personal heritage. It also ensures that you’ll always be reminded of its meaning throughout your days.

· Turning it into something else without losing its charm.

You’ll want to choose a highly experienced custom jeweler if you go this route, but it’s a great way to put a fresh spin on something tried and true. This should only be done if it’s not going to put you at any risk of disappointment.

By now you should be able to soundly decide whether you want to hang onto the jewelry or enlist the help of a jewelry appraiser. If you think it might be time to sell, there are a few things that you should do as well as keep in mind.


estate jewelry appraisers

Cover all the legalities prior to selling inherited jewelry to avoid conflict.

The executor is either named in the will or appointed by the courts when a will isn’t present to ensure the estate is properly managed and distributed rightfully. The executor will be the one responsible for distributing any jewelry left behind in the estate as well.

The executor must do things a certain way to remain compliant with the courts as well as to be fair to the other heirs. Estate jewelry appraisals are needed to provide a true value for the jewelry in the estate as well as help with its sale if necessary. Appraisals from professionals are critical as it helps maintain a true balance in the situation that’s completely unbiased.

If dividing the estate period jewelry among siblings, you might find this post on LegalZoom helpful. It helps describe the process of dividing jewelry properly. You may also discover options of how to make the process even easier than it was to begin with. If you’ve got the legalities covered, and are ready to sell your jewelry, here’s how to choose the right jeweler to do business with.


Analyze the Atlanta estate jewelry appraisers that you’re considering.

That’s right, you want to know who you’re doing business with and what can be expected from them. A look into their history, professional milestones, customer reviews, industry associations, and overall way of doing business can usually tell you a lot. Many people go blindly to a company only to find out the results were far from what was expected. A little homework can prevent any headaches or unpleasant surprises from happening along the way.

Discover Verma Jewelry. The premier choice.

The Verma Group is known for being responsible for millions of dollars in jewelry sales over their course of doing business. In fact, they’re the most trusted estate jewelry appraiser in Atlanta. Being a family tradition for over 100 years and in one of the best jewelry markets in the country, they’ve got advantages not just anyone has.

Our global presence provides us with an immense network of jewelry buyers.

With over 1,000 dealers in our rolodex, it’s safe to say that we can provide everyone with the best sales prices seen among any top diamond jewelry buyers in Atlanta. We sell the most, so we can pay the most, and that’s the bottom line. It didn’t come easy, but the dedication of our company over the years has turned a vision into a living, breathing reality.

Our awareness couldn’t get any better, as we’re always on top of changes.

With millions of dollars in transactions under our belts and tons of new ones daily, we must stay on top of the market. Knowing what it’s doing isn’t only critical to the success of our company, but it also has a direct effect on the people we serve. If we didn’t aim to produce the best experience and best value, someone else would rise and deliver. That’s just unacceptable.

Our way of doing business produces a priceless customer service experience.

We believe in seeing things through the eyes of those we serve. We keep up-to-date with anything that affects their experience and look for ways to make it even more awesome. This way of seeing things and doing business has led to us becoming the best jewelry appraiser in Atlanta. We must be doing something right.


Your privacy is a top priority. No shortcuts allowed.

In a day where technology makes it easier to spy on the personal data of others, it’s essential that companies embrace modern privacy practices. Whether it’s the software we use in the office to manage sales/purchases or the procedures our staff must follow, we don’t allow for any shortcuts.

We haven’t become the most trusted jewelry buyer in Atlanta by putting everyone’s business out there for the world to see. We did that by embracing modern tech, strict policies, and modernized business processes that many are slow to catch onto.


Our processes are constantly refined and tested for maximum privacy.

While having the best processes seen among Atlanta jewelers helps us stand out amongst our competition, refining and testing can’t be forgotten. This is how we continue to illustrate ourselves as a cutting-edge company providing elite jewelry appraisal services.

This means that our security software is tested for vulnerabilities as well as constantly updated every time a patch is rolled out by its developer. By putting in this extra effort, we can ensure security breaches aren’t a risk to our customers or our company.


Every team member is hand-picked and proven to be trustworthy.

Not only are we a family business that’s American-owned and operated, but we have some of the greatest minds in the jewelry industry. Our strict selection process and constant analysis of employees ensures that we remain a unique company with a unique team pushing it forward. We do our homework via interviews, background checks, and experience verification to ensure they can be trusted to serve our customers.


Our locations are safe and private to ensure complete confidentiality.

100 years in the business is no easy feat, and over that time we’ve got location selection down to a science. We aim to provide a private setting where our customers can come and know that everything will remain entirely confidential. When someone comes to one of our locations, they shouldn’t put their privacy at risk and we’re not going to let them if it’s on our watch.


When you want privacy, trust only the best Atlanta jewelry appraiser.

You can book a jewelry appraisal appointment online via our website or just give us a call. Your privacy shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone, and we’ve proven for years that we’re one of the few to trust. Hence why we’re the most trusted jewelry appraiser in Atlanta. The best prices for your jewelry, the best jewelers in the business, and the best privacy practices in existence. Are you ready to get paid the most by an estate jewelry buyer?



estate jewelry appraisers




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