5 Reasons to Never Propose During the Holidays

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We all love the holiday season. Regardless of what you might be celebrating this winter, it’s a great time to spend time with your loved ones and celebrate accordingly. While many people seem to think that the holidays are the perfect backdrop for a wedding proposal, this is simply not true.

The decision to marry the person you love is a personal choice. Don’t let the intimate moment of a proposal be clouded by the festivities of the holiday season. Even more importantly, if the worst happens, a holiday proposal gone wrong can have more consequences than a broken heart.

5 Reasons to Never Propose During the Holidays

Getting engaged is an exciting time in any person’s life. However, timing is everything! Choosing to propose during the holiday season is definitely not a good idea and can lead to a potential disaster. Having your engagement on a separate day from a holiday is a much better choice than trying to combine your special proposal day with another holiday.


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We’ve gathered the top five reasons to never propose during the holiday season and compiled them into this helpful list for you to consider:


1. If your engagement goes wrong, a holiday proposal may mean that you will never be able to get your ring back.
In the event you decide to propose during the holiday season, the engagement ring legally is considered a gift to the recipient. Gifts in the eyes of a court are irrevocable. If you give an engagement ring to someone on a holiday or birthday, this means that in the eyes of a court it could actually count as a gift rather than a gift that is conditioned upon marriage. This means that if the engagement were to go wrong, the recipient would legally be the one to keep the ring. A holiday proposal can have financial repercussions instead of just the experience of heartbreak.

2. Go about your proposal the right way so that you will be able to sell the ring and buy the ring you truly want.
If your engagement fails and you were smart and got the ring back, you probably won’t want the memento of such a disappointment. It may be time to sell the engagement ring so that you can get your money back and not have to carry the pain around with you. If you feel like you want to sell your engagement ring, know that there are top diamond jewelry buyers in Atlanta ready to help. Verma Jewelry is the engagement ring buyer you can trust to help you handle the sale of your engagement ring. As Atlanta’s top diamond engagement ring buyer, Verma Jewelry is willing to purchase engagement rings with center stones that weigh 1 carat and over. The bigger the ring the better, the more money you get back! This is great news for anyone who is hoping to move on with their life after a failed engagement.

3. Keep your proposal personal and keep the moments separate.
Getting engaged is a momentous occasion that most people dream about their entire life. A holiday such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day is a day for everyone. Turning that day into your proposal day takes some of the joy and attention away from the holiday itself. It’s best to make a holiday a holiday and to save the engagement ring for its very own separate engagement day. Share the holiday season with everyone so that it can be enjoyed by everyone. Leave your engagement day to be enjoyed separately between you and your love rather than combining it with another holiday. A proposal on a holiday can even take away from the engagement itself. In a way, a holiday proposal makes the celebratory occasion of an engagement feel less important or special.

4. A holiday proposal could ruin the holiday season for you forever!
Imagine that your potential fiancee rejects your wedding proposal on such a special day as a holiday. Not only could this mean the end of your romantic relationship, but this could also put a bad mark on the holiday for the rest of your life. Don’t cloud the holiday season with a bad memory in the event the proposal fails. Keep the holidays separate to not ruin the occasion permanently.

5. A holiday proposal is a cop out to buying other presents!
As much as it is special to give your fiancee something as special as an engagement ring on a holiday, this gets you out of buying other presents. In a way, you are getting out of buying other presents for the holiday season. The ring will replace the other presents you could have purchased for your special someone. It is important to make the occasion feel separate and buy different gifts for each event rather than making the ring the only gift for a holiday.

Take the stress out of a proposal and avoid making your engagement day the same day as a holiday. Don’t make the mistake of proposing on a holiday and getting stuck with an engagement ring that is no longer needed!

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